2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez is coming to Beach Bounders Gymnastics on May 20

Dear Beach Bounders Gymnasts: A gymnastics superstar is coming to Beach Bounders Gymnastics! 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Laurie Hernandez will spend Saturday, May 20, at our gym! You have the opportunity to meet Laurie, win great prizes, and raise money for The Brooke Mulford Medical Fund and Beach Bounders Gymnastics. The more money you raise,

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Brooke Mulford Medical Fund


Brooke has always been such a happy and a tender-hearted little girl, full of energy and a love for life. She never complained about anything until Christmas Eve 2008 (age 4) when she started limping and complaining of pain in her leg. She was misdiagnosed at a local hospital in Maryland with toxic synovitis. Soon after, she was unable to straighten her legs, the pain was unbearable and she started running a fever. At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) on January 5, 2009, Brooke was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer, Stage IV high risk neuroblastoma. The cancer had started in her right adrenal gland and had spread through pretty much every bone in her body and approximately 80% of her bone marrow. Treatment began.

After nine months, her mother said, there was no evidence of the disease, but treatment continued because prognosis of neuroblastoma is poor, with a 30 percent survival rate.

Blond, green-eyed Brooke, who her mother calls a “foodie,” and whose first solid culinary delight was an avocado, was in remission three years and three months, then relapsed and is now considered terminal.

As she continues treatment, her mother is faithfully, deeply, hoping for a cure and drawing strength from her only child.

“She doesn’t really remember life before cancer. She had just turned 4 so she was so little. More of her life has been with cancer,” her mother said.

But Brooke isn’t the melancholy type and doesn’t ask, “why me?”

She did become upset when she realized she’d lose her hair again, but her mother got her a wig and, once, in support, shaved her own head so they could be bald together.

“She was upset at first, then a week later she said, ‘Mommy, I’m not sorry I got cancer and I’m not sorry it came back because a lot of good things have come out of it still,’” Amy Mulford said.

She credits community and family support for Brooke’s good nature, and especially Salisbury Christian School.

“As hard as it was to leave my friends and my home in Salisbury, leaving that school was so hard. There could not be more love in one place than in that school. The support we received from every teacher, every staff member, parent, kid. She walked through the door and she was surrounded by kids hugging her and loving her,” Amy said.

Among Brooke’s heroes is Bethany Hamilton, whose arm was bitten off by a shark, and whose story is told in the movie Soul Surfer.

“Brooke wants to meet her. She is very inspired by her,” Amy said.

How can a little girl of 9 be so brave in the turmoil of illness?

“I feel God is walking with her through this,” Amy said.

It was no accident, she said, that Brooke’s condition, originally misdiagnosed, flared when the family was visiting New Jersey. She was taken to the hospital in Philadelphia, and the family received the correct diagnosis and the child has been cared for by Dr. John Maris, a specialist.

Amy stays at the hospital with Brooke when she’s admitted for treatment and finds nights are most difficult.

“That’s when I think about everything going on. She keeps me too busy during the day,” Amy said.

“Her prognosis is never far from my mind. I just have to stay as hopeful as I can, to believe we’re going to have the miracle that we’re praying for, that they are going to find the miracle.

“I just have to hope that in the lab somewhere, there is a miracle cure waiting to get into a clinical trial.”

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FUNDRAISING ENDS TONIGHT AT 11:59 PM   SPECIAL FUNDRAISING INCENTIVE:  The TOP fundraiser today, Wednesday, May 17 raising a minimum of $500, will appear in the INSTAGRAM post that Laurie sends to her 1.6M followers and you will be TAGGED!  Social media immortality!  You will appear in the photo with anyone raising a total of

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Final Chance to Double your Donations up to $500!

Final Chance to Double your Donations up to $500! **All double donations have been placed on fundraising pages** Special double opportunity: All on-line donations received from Monday, May 15 through Tuesday, May 16 at 11:59 pm, up to $500, will be automatically doubled! For example: Raise $100 and get credit for $200. Raise $250 and get credit for

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You Can Be a Laurie Hernandez Hand Stand Champion!

You Can Be a Laurie Hernandez Hand Stand Champion! We will hold a contest during Laurie’s visit to Beach Bounders Gymnastics to crown a handstand CHAMPION! To enter the handstand contest, raise just $25 or more between Friday, May 12 and 11:59 pm Sunday, May 14. Guess who will serve as the contest cheerleader, coach, and motivator?

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Laurie Hernandez

About Laurie Hernandez

Who is… Laurie Hernandez Gymnastics Beginnings Lauren Hernandez was born on June 9, 2000 in New Brunswick, NJ. Her parents put their 5-year-old daughter in dance and ballet classes, but it wasn’t holding her attention—her parents had to bribe her with sugar cookies to make her go to class. One day, a more exhilarating sport

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Private Clinic with Laurie Hernandez

The top 30 overall fundraisers will get to participate in a 45-minute private gymnastic clinic with Laurie Hernandez.  All gymnasts currently enrolled at Beach Bounders Gymnastics raising $125 will participate in a separate private clinic with Laurie.

Lunch with Laurie

How to attend lunch with Laurie Hernandez

The top 10 overall fundraisers will attend a private lunch with Laurie.

Register TODAY and raise $250 to spend a day with Laurie Hernandez at Beach Bounders Gymnastics on Saturday, May 20! Register here